Hey there! Welcome to our site. It's a work in progress so bear with us as we work out all the kinks and upload some new content.

The FLOW Project was founded by a couple of young adults who wanted to improve their community, but faced too much red tape and skeptical leaders to get very far. We realized that if we were having this problem, then so were many other people! We created FLOW to give us and other young people an outlet to design and implement our own service projects. Along the way, we quickly realized that we are not only improving our community and our environment, but we are improving ourselves as well. There are some pretty incredible things that can happen when you empower youth in this way, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

We are currently working on some projects in Plano and Allen. If you would like to get involved, volunteer, donate to our cause, know some kiddos who could use some help finding their FLOW, or simply have questions about what we do - email us at contact@flowdfw.org.

-Drew & Brandon